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Recruitment With Responsibility For Success.

"The competitive edge between investors is in their aquisition and processing of due diligence information. Complementing investors' current practices with structured and benchmarkable HR analytics is where Human-Equity helps directly to improving investment IRR."

John Oliver

Human Equity provides a comprehensive, balanced and inclusive recruitment service allowing you a greater vision and a wider perspective into sourcing the right candidate.

Based on an innovative approach to recruitment, Human-Equity integrates leading-edge human behavior assessment techniques.

Benefits: :

Achieving a tighter coupling between the specification of the demands of the role, and the ‘integrated’ assessment of candidates:

Recruitment as a process is essential for the delivery of successful staffing solutions, but without an integral approach, the results measured are invariably limited and often short-lived. It's no secret that present day recruitment has failed to illicit trust and provide consistent value to both clients and candidates. The current economic climate not only warrants a "recruitment re-think" but also dictates an alternative to traditional recruitment methods.

Drawing from an all-inclusive framework that draws key insights into organizations, staff and potential employees, Human-Equity delivers a new dimension to recruitment unlocking potential and increasing value to all participants in the areas of talent attraction, performance management and retention.

The world of employment has changed dramatically and recruitment pains are growing. Potential employees don't want to be recruited into just another "role" but rather to be apart of an organisation that encourages growth beyond the confines of a single vacancy description and remuneration package.

Similarly employers are seeking candidates that will hold nothing back in the giving of their skills and experience. The lack of attention to both client and candidate analysis has often created confusion leading to the loss of significant amounts of money. Partial insight to the recruitment process along with the lack of key assessment tools has damaged the reputation of recruiters, clients and candidates.

We provide organisations with a secure and flexible recruitment solution that can be tailored to manage or work alongside your current staffing requirements. Working with senior consultants each with over 10 years of experience, we provide independent interview panels, peer reference interviews and selected personal assessment tests.

Our aim is to provide a superior recruitment lifecycle, providing you with a service that allows greater vision and wider perspectives.

We Supply:

Permanent, contract, and Interim staffing solutions.

Our pre-screening techniques provide insight into the deep structures of personality and attitudes. Profile Data (qualifications, experience) Surface Structures personality, styles, preferences) Deep Structures (identity, developmental stage, Perspectives, values, motivations) Job Complexity Analysis and Match Organizational Structure, Culture and Values Match.

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