Human-Equity Papers and Articles
Associates' Publications

Matthieu Langeard:

Dr Craig Marsh:

  • Reversing the arrow: Using business model change to tie HR into strategy Paul Sparrow, Anthony Hesketh, Martin Hird, Craig Marsh and Shashi Balain July 2008 (Centre for Performance-Led HR, Lancaster University)

  • Marsh, C., Hesketh, A, Sparrow, P.R. and Balain, S. (2008) Business model change and strategic human resource management: toward a research agenda. British Academy of Management, Harrogate. 9th-11th September. (Centre for Performance-Led HR, Lancaster University)

  • Balain, S., Sparrow, P.R., Marsh, C., Hesketh, A and Hird, M. (2008) Getting inside the black box: why do employee segments matter?. British Academy of Management, Harrogate. 9th-11th September. (Centre for Performance-Led HR, Lancaster University)

  • Weir, D., Marsh, C. and Greenwood, W. (2008, in press) How organisational DNA works. In B.McKay and L.Costanzo (eds.) The Handbook of Research on Strategy and Foresight.

  • Research reports and guides: Marsh, C. (2008) International mobility in the high technology sector: the challenge of emerging markets. Global Relocation Trends Report. London: GMA

Adrian Furnham:

  • Personality and Intellectual Competence. By Adrian Furnham, Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic - Published by Routledge 2005 A comprehensive state-of-the-art review of personality and intelligence, as well as covering other variables underlying academic and social competence, character, and interest in learning and culture.
  • Personality and intelligence at work. exploring and explaining individual differences. By Adrian Furnham - Published by Routledge, 2008 Personality and Intelligence at Work examines the increasingly controversial role of individual differences in predicting and determining behaviour at work. It combines approaches from organizational psychology and personality theory to critically examine the physical, psychological and psycho-analytic aspects of individual differences, and how they impact on the world of work.
  • The People Business. Psychological Reflections on Management. By Adrian Furnham - Published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2005 Adrian Furnham, draws upon psychological reflections to present a critical and challenging account of perceived wisdom and management fads. In this book he scrutinizes such subjects and themes as anxiety management, authenticity, the dark side of gift-giving, modern management styles, performance appraisal systems, and work life balance.
  • Management and Myths. Challenging the Fads, Fallacies and Fashions. By Adrian Furnham - Published by Palgrave Macmillan, 2004 This book takes a very critical look at management fads and fashions. The author shows that while many fads and fashions are short lived and based upon flimsy evidence, they often enjoy a period of support and popularity.