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HR Due Diligence

"Evaluation helps investors build a bridge between intuitive knowing and decision making. 'Blind spots' can be pointed out to highlight biases in investment decision making. Structured investigation of the symptoms and causes of executive performance incre ases the investor's scope of control."

Duncan Chapple
Benefits of Integrated HR Due Diligence:

Human-Equity has brought together investment, HR and psychology professionals, to deliver the best possible integration of management due diligence and assessment tools. Based on Integral Theory and Developmental Psychology our experts provide context-aware reports that will improve both your investment selection and management interventions

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How Structured HR Due Diligence Improves Investment IRR:

Correlation of HR Assessment Practices to Investment Performance

Human-Equity’s 2008 Survey of VCs and PE funds has found a high variation in chosen assessment techniques. Research of 48 investors in the USA* has shown direct investment performance consequences of the HR assessment approach adopted:

*Claremont Graduate University USA PhD survey