Collective Intelligence Surveys

"Organisational agility is a primary indicator of success. Employing tools that help uncover this 'intangible' optimises the chances for success. Critically, it allows investors to set up the right leadership combinations. Human-Equity offers a targeted combination of services to do this and to develop leadership agility in promising individuals."

Martin Egan
Through Org-Q, investors can:

Organisational Assessment

Harness organisation's collective intelligence

To reach the internal intelligence of organisations, Human-Equity designs and hosts online surveys (with controlled access for unique replies). The surveys access information that is held at all levels of the organisation, as demonstrated by the success of internal prediction markets. The results of the surveys can be analysed from an online password-protected environment. From flexible multi-variable comparisons, the survey results can be sliced and diced to obtain greatest insight.

From Online Surveys

Questions To The Organisations:

Statistical Analysis To Online Analysis
Segmentation of Answers