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"Leadership agility is a primary indicator of success. Employing tools that help uncover this 'intangible' factor is a common sense way to optimise the chances for success. Critically, it allows investors to set up the right leadership combinations. Human-Equityoffers a targeted combination of services to do this and to develop leadership agility in promising individuals. ”

Martin Egan

Human resource factors represent some of the most critical investment parameters, yet investors have very diverse approaches to their HR due diligence. Human-Equity is dedicated to the needs of Venture and Private Equity investors, mergers and aquisitions, informing investment choices through management and organisational assessment metrics.

  • Venture Capital
  • Private Equity
  • Merger And Aquisition
Early-Stage: Develop, prove and establish
Mid-Stage Assessment. Growth, efficiency and life-cycles
Mid to Late-Stage Assessment. Match, integration, consolidation

Understanding management behaviour patterns, autonomy, capacity for adaptation and growth in fast changing environments. Tolerance of risk and ambiguities.

Management and organisational assessment. Accessing HR insights under time pressure, with restricted access to information. HR performance and efficiency assessments.
Valuations of management team and organisational culture. Compatibility of management values and styles. Modelling of integration scenarios.


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