Benchmarking Executives

"Evaluation helps investors build a bridge between intuitive knowing and decision making. 'Blind spots' can be pointed out to highlight biases in investment decision making. Structured investigation of the symptoms and causes of executive performance increases the investor's scope of control."

Duncan Chapple
Individual Stages: Increasing capacity for perspectives and complexity
Measuring an individual’s Stage of development is done intuitively by all managers, based on our inate capacity to discern who we are working with. The particular importance of using reliable metrics is due to the fact that our "intuitve" assessment of personal development and capacities becomes progressively less accurate, the higher the Stage.
Increasing margin of error ofintuitive or unstructured assessments
Increasing capacity for perspective taking, agilityand handling of complexity
*Stage of Development from Spiral Dynamics, Susanne Cook-Greuter, Bill Torbert
Incorporating the Lectical™Assessment System

Using Self-Q for management assessment, investors can:

Profiling Individuals and Roles

Self-Q is Human-Equity’s individual assessment tool, based on a “dynamic skill” scale, scoring the hierarchical complexity of an individual’s performance. The most popular metrics used in business today (e.g. psychometric and personality tests) have provided managers a way of supporting their interview assessments. However, the validity of such tests are rarely studied by the users themselves. Human-Equity works with highly established designers of assessment metrics, that have extensive validity controls and are adaptable to specific business contexts. Using such tools becomes more essential, the more complex the role.

The Lectical™ Assessment System (LAS) has been designed and tested since 1993, establishing a new standard for management assessment techniques.

An individual’s capacity for reflective abstraction can be mapped on a hierarchical scale of integrating complexity - a metric which is itself the most direct observable manifestationof performance. Lectical™ Assessment System reliably distinguishes12-13 distinct phases in the workplace (based on complexity), each of which has specificimplications for performance.
Benefits Specific to the Lectical™ Assessment System:

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